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How To Create A Fantastic Maid Of Honor Speech

The maid of honor speech is a particularly difficult one as the maid of honor has more duties during the wedding than probably anyone else in the wedding party. In addition to making sure everything is running smoothly and taking care of any last-minute problems, she is also expected to provide a creative and original maid of honor speech and a toast to the wedding couple during the reception.

With all of her other duties both prior to and during the wedding, the maid of honor will have her hands full and is most likely the person with the least amount of time available to spend preparing a speech.

With this in mind, here are a few pointers to make preparation for the maid of honor speech a bit easier:

The Maid of Honor is often the brides confidante and is usually a close friend or family member. If you are the brides maid of honor, chances are youve known the bride for an extended period of time. This will work in your favor when it comes to writing the maid of honor speech.

You might start by remembering when the bride met the groom and when the groom was introduced to you, the maid of honor. Write down anything that seems significant about the meeting. You might be able to use this material later on in your maid of honor speech. One maid of honor remembered that she was with her best friend (the bride) at the time the bride met the groom for the first time.

She remembered that the bride could hardly keep her eyes off the groom and engaged her best friend to help plot a way to meet him. The maid of honor went on to tell how the bride faked an injured ankle and fell in front of the groom so that he would catch her, which he did.

The bride then pretended that she couldnt drive home with the injury and the best friend had to pretend that she couldnt drive a stick shift transmission, so that the groom would offer to drive her home, which he did. And that was the beginning of the romance

Naturally, if the bride whom you are the maid of honor for met her groom under such interesting circumstances as this, youll have plenty of material for your speech.

However, if the bride youre writing your maid of honor speech for met her groom under plain, ordinary circumstances and you cant think of anything that really stands out about their meeting or about the first time the bride introduced the groom to you, you can still think of things to make an interesting and creative maid of honor speech, if you take a little time and write down everything you remember about the couple and their courtship.

Try to remember things the bride said about the groom and things the couple did for each other during their dating period. Eventually something will stand out that you can use to produce a heartfelt yet creative maid of honor speech.

The maid of honor speech should honor both the bride and groom and show happiness at their union. If you can think of memories you have of you and the bride playing or having fun in your earlier years, especially if you can incorporate those memories into your speech in such a way that causes the audience to feel that they have a good grasp of the brides personality, feel free to share one or two of those memories.

Dont mention anything that could potentially be embarrassing to either the bride or to anyone else. Make it sweet and sentimental. Dont be worried about crying during your speech. Many people cry during their wedding speeches and its very endearing, so if you cry, youll no doubt be a hit.

Plus, the bride will love you for it. Once youve finished your maid of honor speech, be sure to give a toast to the couple. Anything simple and heartfelt will do just fine.

The best thing to do in order to make sure you pull off the maid of honor speech and toast without a hitch, is to practice until you can say it perfectly. Borrow one of the bridesmaids or anyone else you can get to listen to it over and over, or use a mirror.

The more you practice, the more confident youll be and the easier it will be to give a flawless maid of honor speech.

Birdcage Veils – Vintage Wedding Veils For Modern Style

Birdcage veils offer a unique vintage sense of style. Birdcage veils are often worn by brides who simply want a look that isn’t totally ordinary. Cage veils also look great when worn by the bridesmaids, and they come in all different style variations and colors.

Birdcage veils, or cage blusher veils, were a popular style of veil worn by women either as a standalone accessory or as a part of a hat, dating back to the earlier decades in the 1900s. Now, modern women have a new appreciation for vintage style, so birdcage veils are extremely popular for brides and even for every day wear.

Birdcage veils may be worn with any style of wedding gown, but are very popular when accessorizing a vintage inspired gown, such as a bias cut halter gown, or any other simple and elegant style, such as a fitted gown with a mermaid skirt, or an informal wedding gown.

Birdcage veil hairstyles look best when there isn’t a lot of hair in the front, because it can get in the way of the netting. As such, up-dos, low chignons, and vintage hairstyles from the 30s and 40s like pin curls or a Gibson roll hairstyle will work well. Just think sleek, simple, classic hair that doesn’t compete with the veil which will already bring lots of attention to your eyes. If you have bangs, you may want to wear a fuller birdcage veil that frames the face without messing up your hair. You may wear your hair long and loose with a birdcage veil, as well.

Birdcage veils come in several different lengths and styles. To choose the right look, decide where you want the veil edge line to fall across your face.Shorter birdcage veils may cover one or both eyes and be worn either straight or at an angle, and longer cage blusher veils can cover the entire face. Pouf veils are birdcage veils made with more veiling so they frame the head or face, and forehead birdcage veils give a flapper girl style of appearance. Most modern designers of birdcage veils can custom fit any veil to the style you choose.

Whichever style you choose to wear, you will certainly feel like a movie star in your birdcage veil.

Just Why Taking Photographs Can Be A Great Hobby To Engage In

Out of 10 close friends I am acquainted with who possess a camera just a couple really bother to use them aside from moments like concerts, weddings and vacations, and then badly. The two who do use theirs frequently think of taking pictures as being a pastime and have captured some good shots, and derived a great deal of pleasure from honing their skills. The others purchased the camera for some valid reason at that moment, played with it, more than likely bombed out on the handbook, took two or three photos to confirm it worked and subsequently put it away.

And honestly that’s a shame, since photography is one of those activities which will reward you appreciably for a small amount of trouble and cost.

Clearly, one can do it badly. There are few things as dreary as observing a selection of badly observed, improperly executed and poorly adjusted photographs – and now we are discussing mostly about the sort of photo you are likely to take utilizing your cell phone. These are fairly typical. You could possibly label them the pernicious weeds in the flower garden that have overgrown all the exquisite blossoms until finally only the weeds can be seen.

I was enjoying a coffee a few days ago observing a gaggle of teenage girls at another table. They set about taking photos of one other and thereafter graduated to self portraits. This kind of self absorbed, vain activity is the lowest standard photography could most probably come down to. Since of course, if you consider you’re the solitary valuable point of interest in all of the world around you maybe you’ve skipped several key hints in the way of learning what life is truly about.

The drawback in regards to this style of photography is that in addition to neglecting the principle that everyday life can be captured creatively with a camera, the substandard results furnish all of photography a a bad reputation.

The “sense” of sight is one of our most precious senses that absolutely reveals its value whenever it is directed towards things of splendor, beauty, interest, action or action. Seeing originally is the peak of that pleasure, but acquiring a sharp clean image which you can look at any time you wish is the secondary pleasure and this is the reason taking photos is among the more gratifying hobbies you can participate in.

Portraiture itself, done well, is a creative art form, bringing out some essence or attribute which is typically unnoticed within the hurry of living. The simple act of producing a thoughtfully considered portrait can create a totally new aspect to your approach to other people.

Engaging in candid photography can enable you to to really begin monitoring and noticing life as it happens all around you. It heightens your enjoyment of it.

Often going for a stroll around the neighborhood and experiencing it from within the viewfinder can develop your appreciation and recognition of your surroundings. One can truly see familiar things as if for the very first time which can make life more enjoyable and satisfying.

Try getting that camera you picked up out of the place where you stowed it and taking it for a run, the more you practice with it the better you will become.

No Wedding Bells Soon For Vhong Navarro

Actor-comedian Vhong Navarro revealed he has no plans of tying the knot with his girlfriend anytime soon.

Navarro disclosed that he wants to enjoy his status as a bachelor since last marriage was recently annulled.

Wala muna [kaming plano magpakasal]. Katatapos lang ng anullment ko eh. Pahinga muna. Hindi naman trauma. Sabi nga ng lawyer ko eh kung magpapakasal ka, huwag muna. Advise lang naman kasi ang tagal ko rin namang hinintay eh, he said.

The actor, however, maintained that he is happy with how his relationship with his current girlfriend is going. He has already introduced her to his children.

Oo, nameet na siya [ng mga anak ko], he said.

Navarro also revealed his plans for the upcoming Valentines Day.

Aalis kami. Pupunta kaming Europe kasama ang kaibigan ko kasama rin siya, he said.

Meanwhile, the Showtime host said he prefers his children to finish their studies first before entering the world of show business.

Yong anak ko kasi kay Bianca, minsan nag-VTR siya, TVC, lumalabas sa mga play. Kasi gusto ng bata. Ito yung bunso ko. Pero yung panganay ko, mahiyain ehpero sa ngayon hanggat maaari iniiwasan ko talaga na huwagkasi gusto ko muna makapagtapos ng pag-aaral ang mga bata bago pumasok [ng showbiz]. Kung gusto man nila, hindi ko sila aawatin. Suporta ako doon, said Navarro.

Tips Of Choosing Designer Sarees And Designer Saree Blouses

Special wedding codes should be adhered to when doing a wedding and are designed by experts. Many countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, these designs of wedding saris are preferably made from experts who are equipped with the skills on making a variety of the wedding gowns. Some of the many Indian Saris you can get in many boutiques dealing with selling wedding gowns include; Anarkali Salwar Suit, Patiala Salwar Kameez, Churidar Salwar Kameez and so on. A person can make orders of the dresses and once that has been done, delivery is done to the customers premises thus saving them many expenses which they might have incurred.

There are so many designer sarees and designer saree blouses which are among the amazing offers in most weddings and some of the dresses you can get in boutiques include;

1.Yellow Cotton Churidar Kameez: This is designed with yellow colors containing beautiful flowers printed on them together with geometric print and patch work. With different designer saris and designer sari blouses, one can differentiate them through their various colors and Patch Patti.

2.Black Faux Georgette Churidar: You can find this in black color with different patch works, sequins, resham and colors. Comes with many accompaniments when sold to customers and they become necessary to people when they are buying so that they can match with the dress. Due to fabric limitations, this dress is made in many dimensions and one can differentiate various designs by considering their colors and patch Patti patterns.

3.Serene Off-white Cotton Salwar: This is one of the amazing collections of the designer saris and designer sari blouses you can get from most boutiques and its demand is very high. Usually come in the market with many colors, designs and texture thus customers need to make the right choice when buying.

4.Beige and Blue Crepe Silk Salwar Kameez: This design is embroidered with resham, sequins, zari and patch work in form of floral and paisley designs. Many designs which usually come with this are blue faux chiffon dupatta and shantoon salwar which are in various dimensions and styles. There are very slight variations in color and Patti pattern one can get from the major outlets.

5.Cream Cotton Salwar Kameez: Look nicely designed with floral and spiral prints where people can find many designs and styles which come along with this including blue salwar and dupatta designs. It usually unstitched and made in various dimensions with different colors.

The designs of blouses mentioned above are just a few as there are so many of them you can get in many wedding dresses boutiques and from manufacturers. Many customers who may be out of the country and need the designs, they can do online shopping by giving their specifications and personal details to the sellers. Once this is done, delivery is done on their doorsteps where they have to pay for shipping expenses and others costs which may be necessary. Due to the fact that many designs look alike, it is vital for the customer to mention the name of the designer sarees and designer saree blouses when he or she wants to purchase them and other saris online.